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X-ray – Dental Harmony

Dental x-ray

Dental radiography is the taking and processing of X-ray films of the teeth and jaws. When an X-ray set is switched on, X-ray are generated and pass out of the set through a metal tube which is pointed towards the required area.

Some of the commonest uses of X- rays in dentistry are to show the following:

  • Unerupted teeth, impacted teeth and retained roots
  • Shape, size and number of roots of a tooth, and state of the surrounding bone, prior to extraction
  • Presence of chronic alveolar abscesses on dead teeth
  • Progress of endodontic treatment
  • Bone loss in periodontal disease
  • Early detection of caries
  • Development of the teeth in children, for orthodontics purposes
  • Fractures, cysts and bone disease affecting the jaws